How to setup your Killer Whale Premium Today!!

Instructional video on setting up Killer Whale Crypto Premium Signal Service on Cryptohopper!! One of the world leaders in Algorithm Intelligence Technology and Signals. Link directly to KuCoin.

Run a separate Explorer Subscription just for KW Premium Signals with Killer Whale Premium Template.
Premium Signals are for KuCoin and run my on top 15-25 coin list. YOU MUST JOIN KILLERWHALE DISCORD and provide proof of purchase (Send screenshot of invoice to Killer Whale Crypto or Ancient Knowledge) to gain access to Killer Whale Premium Channel where I make suggestions for things like reserving funds for higher targets and how to get the most optimum performance out of your signals. These are long term hold targets and should not be used as scaping targets.

Killer Whale Premium Signals is one of a kind here on Cryptohopper. This is 100% Copy Trading, I launch every signal and profit target by hand. You will receive the advantage of navigating the crypto market exactly like the Killer Whale. We are up 237% in 125 days since inception so far!

Killer Whale Premium is not only a great way to get solid returns on your crypto experience but you also get the following.

  • Premium members only setup instructions
  • Premium only Discord channel
  • Custom trades
  • Specialized techniques
  • Premium Signals requires the following. Click on any of the links below to get the required products and services.

    Baseline Requirements
    Crypto Currency Exchange: Kucoin
    Trading Bot: CryptoHopper

    Crypto Hopper Requirements
    Subscription: Any - Explorer, Adventure, Hero
    Template: Killer Whale Premium Template

    Join us today and
    Change the Way You Trade!!!!

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