DCA King

DCA King


DCA to the moon and beyond! Would you rather dollar cost average on a time basis with no regard for price or analysis.... we wouldn't.




















Dollar Cost Average to the moon and beyond! Would you rather dollar cost average on a time basis with no regard for price or analysis.... I wouldn't.

Killer Whale DCA King will by far will take the most patience of all my strategies as it is designed as a long term HODL position building strategy that takes profits along the way. However! It will yield some of the most handsome returns, I recommend that you disable trailing stop-loss completely and set take profit to between 10-15% or even higher depending on the timescale you wish to HODL.

Hodling for weeks, months or years? Set take profit between 40-100%+ . I am throwing it up here with 12 months of free updates.... because if you are hodling for the long term I will hodl with you!

MUST, MUST, MUST follow on Discord! This resource is just as valuable as any of the strategies ( and its 100% Free). Killer Whale Crypto is here to guide your journey! You will see Strategy/ Algorithmic Intelligence Results , Trade Setups, Take Profit Zones, Insights and Live Technical Analysis happening 24/7! Be a part of growing a Member Driven live Crypto Chat.


Baseline Requirements

Killer Whale DCA King Strategy requires the following. Click on any of the links below to get the required products and services

Crypto Currency Exchange: Major Exchanges, KuCoin, Binance,

Trading Bot: Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper Requirements

The Cryptohopper trading bot is required. Install the Killer Whale products into the bot to automate your trading

Subscription: Any - Explorer, Adventure, Hero
Template: Killer Whale Template that Matches your Exchange and Base Currency


Have your bot running with Killer Whale DCA King in no time!

Install Killer Whale DCA King

Killer Whale DCA King works on the Cryptohopper Auto Trading Bot so that you can customize to your own style. Add Killer DCA King to your AI or run as its own set of Analysis in Explorer, Adventure, Hero

Click the Auto Trading Bot > Create trading bot

Install the Killer Whale Template using Config, Base Config, Actions Tab in your Hopper.

Select Killer Whale DCA King as Strategy in Config, Base Config, Strategy.

Considerations to Buy Settings:

  • Disable Auto-merge to decrease the amount of time spent in each position
  • If Start balance is less than $2500 use a cooldown between 4-96+hrs
  • Cooldown ONLY after Buys
  • Considerations to Sell Settings:

  • Set Take Profit to between 10-200% depending on how long you wish to HODL
  • Considerations to Trailing Stop-Loss:

  • Set Trailing Stop-Loss to be Armed anywhere between 8 - 80%
  • Set Trailing Stop-Loss Percentage anywhere between 1.5-20%

  • Disclaimer:

    We are serious crypto investors and ONLY put Cryptocurrencies on our coin list that we are SERIOUS about investing in LONG TERM.

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