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The TOTAL Chart

The TOTAL Chart is one of the most useful tools for cryptocurrency traders at any level. The TOTAL chart is a representation of the total market cap for every cryptocurrency combined. Learning how to properly use the TOTAL chart is an advantageous mo

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 10, 2021

No Man's Land

Consolidative periods are when we study and grow as traders!

Dylan S May 30, 2021

Data Differential May Surprise You!

Not all data is created equal...

Dylan S Apr 28, 2021

Simple Moving Average vs. Exponential Moving Average

Educational Segment on Simple and Exponential Moving Averages!

Dylan S Apr 24, 2021

Is that a Bullish Gartley Pattern on FTM/USDT??

I may send some Premium Signals for this one. consider adding it to your coin list if you wanted to speculate on this beauty.

Dylan S Mar 8, 2021

BTC and ETH Bearish Cypher Patterns

Becoming a Professional Trader takes the ability to look at both sides of the trade.

Dylan S Mar 7, 2021

LTC Cup and Handle Formation in Progress

Is that a Daily Sized Cup and Handle Formation on LTC??

Dylan S Mar 2, 2021

Trade Setup for NEO/BTC

Here are some killer tips for trading NEO / BTC with Killer Whale Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto Feb 9, 2021

DASH/BTC Chart Analysis and RSI Analysis

Bitcoins dominance begins to flow into Altcoins creates a mini Alt-season.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 3, 2020

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