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Hard and Soft Forks

Hard and soft forks are an important component of cryptocurrency. Hard forks represent the creation of a new blockchain, while soft forks represent the creation of a cryptocurrency which inhabits a preexisting blockchain. In this article we will look

Killer Whale Crypto Oct 14, 2021

Happy Birthday to Cryptocurrency’s Leading Indicator: Google!

Google has played a crucial role in cryptocurrency from the beginning. Google was the gateway into Bitcoin for many of the original cryptocurrency's first investors. Even now, Google continues to serve as the most predominant cryptocurrency trend ind

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 28, 2021

The World’s Most Important Cryptocurrencies (Other Than Bitcoin)

Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, ETH, Litecoin, LTC, Cardano, ADA, Chainlink, LINK, Tether, USDT, Crypto, Cryptocurrency

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 7, 2021

Ripple vs. Stellar

Ripple, Stellar, XRP, XLM, Luna, Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto Sep 4, 2021

Crypto Wallet Top Picks

this article highlights some of the best crypto wallets for beginners and intermediate crypto users

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 19, 2021

Quantum (QTUM) Coin Review

This article describes the Quantum (QTUM) coin

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 18, 2021

Terra (LUNA): A Cryptocurrency Project Worth Looking Into

This article describes the fundamentals of the Terra project and it's native token LUNA

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 15, 2021

Polygon Absorbs Hermez: The First Blockchain Merger in History!

This article describes the merger between Polygon and Hermez. This article also describes how Polygon and Hermez contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 14, 2021

Big News for Cardano!

this article discusses Cardano's new smart contract capability

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 12, 2021

Ethereum vs. Cardano

This article explains some of the major differences between ETH and ADA

Killer Whale Crypto Aug 7, 2021

"The Flippening"

This article explains why Ethereum may eventually become the world's predominant cryptocurrency

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 28, 2021

What to Know About Hardware Wallets

This article describes the benefits of hardware wallets and why crypto holders should own one

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 24, 2021


This article describes the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 21, 2021

Can a Decentralized Market Ever Be Regulated?

Can a Decentralized Market Ever Be Regulated?

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 12, 2021

Debunking Crypto Myths

Common myths about crypto

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 10, 2021

Cryptocurrency Investing

In this article, we discuss the risk/reward associated with investing in cryptocurrency and if virtual currency will be worth the potential payoff.

Killer Whale Crypto Jul 8, 2021

THETA 3.0 update!

What is happening now, and what will change soon on January 30th, 2021

Killer Whale Crypto Jun 26, 2021

Brief History of Cryptocurrency

The Origins of Cryptocurrency...

Killer Whale Crypto Jun 4, 2021

THETA Review

An elegant amalgamation of blockchain technology and video streaming

Killer Whale Crypto May 24, 2021

NANO Coin Review

Fast and free transfers!

Killer Whale Crypto May 8, 2021

Killer Whale 2021 Technical Recap

BTC/USD, TOTAL, TOTAL2 Chart Analysis Recap!! This should be fun!!

Dylan S May 5, 2021

ALGO coin review

Why ALGO has a spot on our suggested coin list

Killer Whale Crypto Apr 30, 2021

How Do Crypto Trading Bots Work?

Crypto Trading Bots Can Enhance Your Experience

Killer Whale Crypto Apr 24, 2021

The Makings of A Market Cycle

This recent correction is exactly what we need for the next legs of this market cycle! How to Identify Crypto Market Cycles with Three Charts

Dylan S Mar 1, 2021

Whales Will Eat Your Coins

Only 0.043% of the world population own crypto currency. Are you one of them?

Killer Whale Crypto Jan 25, 2021

Why we are here

Just take a look at these 40 day gains! Crypto trading for the win.

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 25, 2020

TOTAL Chart for Crypto

Combined crypto chart that represents Billions of Dollars of Market Cap

Killer Whale Crypto Nov 7, 2020

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