What’s Going on With Ethereum Upgrades (Formally Eth2)


Recently the roadmap for Ethereum 2.0 has been updated by the Ethereum community to reflect the goals of the project more accurately. To limit the confusion, the Ethereum community has updated the terms Eth1 and Eth2. These updates are merely a change of name and do not alter the goals or roadmap of Ethereum.

What’s changing

'Eth1' is now the 'execution layer', which handles transactions and execution. 'Eth2' is now the 'consensus layer', which handles proof-of-stake consensus.

The Eth1 and Eth2 mental models no longer exist

The Ethereum community has determined that the Eth1 and Eth2 branding has created a broken mental model for new Ethereum users. The Ethereum community has found that new users intuitively think that Eth1 comes before Eth2, or that Eth1 will cease to exist when Eth2 exists. As neither of these are true, the Eth1 and Eth2 terminology is being removed to save future users from navigating a potentially confusing mental model for the project.

Ethereum’s inclusivity

Due to the evolution of the Ethereum roadmap, Ethereum 2.0 has become an inaccurate representation of the project. The Ethereum community believes that using more circumspect word choice will allow Ethereum content to be best communicated to the Ethereum broadcast audience.

Scam Prevention

Unfortunately, malevolent actors have attempted to use the Eth2 and Ethereum 2.0 misnomer as a means of scamming users by trying to convince them to swap their ETH for ETH2 tokens. Scammers have also attempted to convince Ethereum users that they need to somehow migrate their ETH before the Eth2 upgrade. Ethereum users will never be required to migrate their ETH as part of any Ethereum upgrade.

The Ethereum community hopes that the updated terminology will bring clarity to the project for Ethereum users, eliminating this scam vector and making the Ethereum ecosystem safer.

Clarity in Ethereum Staking

Some staking operators represent ETH staked on the Beacon Chain with the ETH2 ticker symbol. This also creates another degree of confusion. Users of services such as these are not actually receiving an ETH2 token. No ETH2 token exists. ETH2 simply represents a share in that specific providers’ stake.

So what is the correct terminology?

Instead of Eth1 and Eth2, we can simply refer to all upgrades to the Ethereum network as exactly what they are: ‘Ethereum Upgrades.’

Hopefully this article brings some clarity to Ethereum Upgrades! All of this information has been sourced directly from the Ethereum community and can be found on the Ethereum website under ’Ethereum Upgrades’

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