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Killer Whale Crypto

Killer Whale Crypto

February 23, 2021, 5:32 PM UTC

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Only 0.043% of the world population own crypto currency. Are you one of them?

Todays blog post will start with a quote by world renowned Crypto pioneer Lark Davis.

“There are very rich and very powerful players in this market who are very good at manipulating the market. They’re good at playing the game, right? And they play the game with billions of dollars in capital at a time”, he said. “They shake the market with massive selloffs while at the same time shorting the market. Then, when the market’s down, they take your Bitcoin that you panic sold after a 10% drop. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Gaining more Bitcoin, adding to their positions”.

These individuals are what is known as "Smart Money"

They will play your emotions to the core, painting charts and controlling volume. This is why us Killer Whales play them right back! We take a long-term approach to an extremely volatile market landscape. Lets do a little thinking exercise together friends!

Below is an estimate of how many Bitcoin owners there are in the world:

Below is an estimate of the current population of the world on 01/24/21:

Mathematical Exercise:

7,841,328,244 x 0.026134183% = 20,500,000.27

What this means is the population of the world that owns Bitcoin is 0.026% and if BTC holds 63.37% of the entire Cryptocurrency market we can only assume that:

0.026134183 x 63.37% = 0.0165612318

0.26134183% + 0.0165612318% = 0.0426954148%

Basically, according to these metrics 0.043% of the population of the people on Earth.... Own any Cryptocurrency... At all. This can actually be up to 5-10x higher all the way up to 0.43-0.5% just fun to play around.

Below is the Bitcoin Dominance Chart (BTC.D) on 01/24/21:

Think like the Smart Money...

Trade with the Whales and Prosper!!

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