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Killer Whale Crypto

February 23, 2021, 5:32 PM UTC

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Combined crypto chart that represents Billions of Dollars of Market Cap

This Chart represents every single Crypto... Combined represented in Billions of Dollars of Market Cap and what do you know we are breaking and Ascending Triangle. An Ascending Triangle is created by price moves that allow for a horizontal line to be drawn along the swing highs, and a rising trendline to be drawn along the swing lows. The two lines form a triangle. Traders often watch for breakouts from triangle patterns. The breakout can occur to the upside or downside. Ascending triangles are often called continuation patterns since the price will typically breakout in the same direction as the trend that was in place just prior to the triangle forming.

An ascending triangle is tradable in that it provides a clear entry point, profit target, and stop loss level. Hmmm.... Wow, ALL of Crypto is breaking out on the Daily Chart. Stay Vigilant Out There

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