Swing Trade AI Setup Guide

Dylan S

Dylan S

April 26, 2021, 8:38 AM UTC

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This is a Quick Guide to Getting Your Killer Whale AI Setup!


Full customization gives you the option to set much higher targets based on previous resistances/supports versus percentage gains alone. With current market conditions this strategy is best suited to run with alterations to trailing stop-loss based on your own level of patience and risk. The Swing Trade AI setup will give you endless ways to approach the market and control your cryptocurrency like never before!!

It is suggested that you back test different trailing stop-loss percentages for each coin to find the best results for your own liking. Duration of time in each position will vary by raising and lowering the percentage in which you can arm trailing stop-loss.

This guide will be using KuCoin and USDT based pairs. It can be used with other bases and/or other exchanges, but Killer Whale recommends USDT as your base currency.

Baseline Requirements

Killer Whale Swing Trade AI requires the following. Click on any of the links below to acquire the required products and services

Crypto Currency Exchange: Major Exchanges, KuCoin

Trading Bot: Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper Requirements

The Cryptohopper trading bot is required. Install the Killer Whale products into the bot to automate your trading

Subscription: Hero
Template: Killer Whale Template that Matches your Exchange and Base Currency

Killer Whale Requirements


Killer Whale Ultimate
Killer Whale Pro
Killer Whale Breakout
Killer Whale Swing Trade
Killer Whale DCA King
Killer Whale AI Trend

Signals (optional):

Killer Whale Premium (Recommended)
Killer Whale Bank Robber

This is Advanced Material

You will first download the Free Template for your exchange. Make sure to hit Auto Update!

Return to your Dashboard

On the Left Navigation Bar you will find Config and Base Config click on Base Config

We will now continue to configure basic settings by using the Actions Tab to Load Template (highlighted)

Select your Preferred Exchange and Load Template:

Navigate to Buy Settings:

  • If your start balance is below $2,500 use Cooldown Period of 4hrs - 96hrs+
  • Make sure to hit SAVE before moving on to the next step!

  • Make sure to hit SAVE before moving on to the next step!

    Go to Strategies tab on the Navigation Bar to the left:

    Select New AI Tab:

    Name your AI whatever you want:

    Click the +Sources Tab:

    +Select the Signal Strategies Tab:

  • Type Killer Whale into search bar
  • Select the Killer Whale Strategies shown here
  • Click Add Selected

  • Select +Sources Tab:

    +Select the Trend Strategies Tab

    Type Killer Whale into the search bar:

    Type Killer Whale into the search bar

    Select Killer Whale AI Trend and Add Selected:

    Once again select +Sources Tab and +Select Signalers Tab:

    Type Killer Whale into the search bar Select All and Add Selected:

    Make sure to hit SAVE before moving on to the next step!


    Killer Whale Swing Trade AI Config:

    From this Screen navigate to the Training Tab:

    Here you will want to train ALL Strategies then ALL and ONLY coins on your coin list for your Exchange and hit Learn one at a time:

    You will see coins appear in the Training Queue once you begin to train them. You can put up to 10 coins in the Queue at a time:

    Next Navigate to the Editor Tab you will notice the Strategy Scores begin to appear:

    Navigate to the Results tab and you will see your AI Scores begin to appear, these scores will always be changing as your AI is now collecting new data all the time:

    Make sure to hit SAVE before moving on to the next step!

    Go to the Main Navigation Bar on the Left of your Screen and click Config Tab, once dropped down click Base Config:

    Navigate to the Strategy Tab. This is how you will decide how Conservative or Aggressive your AI's Buying will be. You can do Backtesting to decide your Risk Tolerance. As you can imagine using a multitude of strategies you can make your bot's buying pressure pretty immense, so be careful! The closer to 0 the Minimum Score for Buys is will equal more aggressive Buying Pressure, as shown below 0.04 will be very Aggressive in its Buying Pressure:

    The Setting in this picture will be an example of a very Conservative Buy Score at 0.70, anywhere in between here will be Moderate-High Risk. Same applies for a Corrected Buy Score the lower your Buy Score the Higher Risk your AI will take on:

    Make sure to hit SAVE!

    This image is an Example of a Backtest at 0.04 Non-Corrected Buy Score with High Frequency of Trades. TSL Armed at 6.5% with a TSL Percentage of 2.5% and Take Profit at 20%:

    This image is an Example of a Backtest at 0.30 Non-Corrected Buy Score with Low-Medium Frequency of Trades. TSL Armed at 40% with a TSL Percentage of 15% and Take Profit at 100%. This is just an Example of how wide the range of Trading can be when it comes to your style of trading and coins on your list:

    OK Class that does it for todays session! Do your research, do some Backtesting to find your ideal risk comfort range and time duration spent in each trade. Have fun!

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