Killer Whale AMA Video Live Stream is Here!


Killer Whale is now officially broadcasting our weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) events in live streaming video format! You can now watch and participate in our weekly Killer Whale AMAs via our official YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter pages! Killer Whale AMAs are held every Sunday, at 7pm EST (GMT-4) and are open to anyone who would like to join us! Links to our socials can be found in this article!

Killer Whale AMAs

Starting in December of 2021, Killer Whale began holding weekly AMAs within the Killer Whale Discord channel. The core Killer Whale team would describe the state of the market, headlining news and important information regarding Killer Whale products in an interactive chatroom type of environment. Members of the Killer Whale Pod could participate in our discussions by submitting questions in the AMA questions channel of our Discord, or by taking the stage and verbally speaking themselves!

What’s New?

As of August 22nd, Killer Whale AMA’s are now presented in interactive video format! Killer whale pod members and non-members alike will be able to ask questions in either text or video format, and receive an answer directly from the Killer Whale Team! The quickest way to interact with the team during the Killer Whale AMAs is via the Killer Whale YouTube Channel , however, feel free to ask us questions via Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, or even our original AMA chat on the Killer Whale Discord. If there’s any questions you’d like answered or any topics for discussion that you would like to bring up during our next AMA, feel free to put them in the Killer Whale AMA questions channel on Discord at any time!

Thank you all for being part of the Killer Whale Pod!

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