Crypto Wallet Top Picks

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August 20, 2021, 5:23 AM UTC

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this article highlights some of the best crypto wallets for beginners and intermediate crypto users

Crypto Wallet Top Picks

Anyone who has dabbled in cryptocurrency for even a day is aware that there are a vast number of crypto wallets to choose from. Experienced crypto users eventually find wallets that work well for their purposes; however, finding the right wallet can be filled with a fair amount of trial and error for those of us who are new to crypto. In this article, we will take a look at some of our favorite wallets and what each of them is designed to do.

Before we dive into our favorite crypto wallets, it is important to mention that all software wallets are only as secure as the device they are installed on. The same goes for banking software. It is always a good idea to use a secure device when you have money on the line. There are plenty of antivirus companies that offer great products at a low cost. That being said, let’s get started!


Although KuCoin is technically an exchange, it is still on this list because of its unparalleled security. KuCoin keeps all its user’s funds in cold storage, making KuCoin nearly as secure as keeping your crypto on a hardware wallet. KuCoin also gives its users access to an incredible variety of coins and tokens, even compared to other crypto exchanges. KuCoin operates best on your computer; however, the KuCoin mobile app offers a wide variety of advanced tools and functionality to its users as well. KuCoin is the preferred exchange of Killer Whale Crypto, therefore if you have not yet set up an account with KuCoin, we highly recommend you give them a try!

If you would like to learn more about KuCoin, click on this link here!

If you are looking for a wallet that facilitates the swapping of crypto to and from fiat currency with ease, then look no further than The wallet offers a relatively large basket of cryptocurrencies which users can easily exchange with one another for no trading fees. makes it easy to purchase everyday goods and services, with their Pay feature. This allows users to buy gift cards with their crypto. made its name known within the crypto community by off a selection of Visa debit cards that allow you to instantaneously exchange your crypto for fiat currency. This means you can use your crypto to make purchases anywhere that accepts Visa just as easily as if you were using a bank issued debit card.

If you would like to learn more about, click on this link here!


If DeFi is your thing, look no further than MetaMask. Unlike the other wallets we have mentioned so far, MetaMask is specifically designed to interface with the Ethereum Blockchain. The MetaMask wallet is a web3 browser extension which makes interfacing with Dapps built on the Ethereum blockchain both easy and secure. MetaMask works seamlessly with your current internet browser, making it easy to explore and build upon the vast world of the next generation internet.

If you are interested in trying MetaMask for yourself, keep in mind that this wallet is designed to specifically work with the Ethereum blockchain, meaning you can only use tokens minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Sorry, but there is no Bitcoin here. That being said, MetaMask is a fantastic wallet for interfacing with Ethereum Dapps; however, we would recommend using it in conjunction with another wallet. MetaMask is more of a tool for secure web3 browsing than it is for trading and hodling crypto.

If you would like to learn more about MetaMask click on this link here!

In Conclusion

There are many fantastic wallets out there; these are just three of the wallets that stand out to us. Some other great wallet options include:

  • Exodus – which is sleek, to the point and great for beginners

  • Atomic Wallet – which offers great staking options and completely anonymous wallet addresses

  • Trust Wallet – which is the official wallet of the Binance exchange

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