Coinbase is Sunsetting Coinbase Pro: Say Hello to Coinbase Advanced Trade


Later this year, Coinbase Global Inc. will be sunsetting the Coinbase Pro advanced trading exchange to make way for new unified trading features which will be integrated into the original Coinbase platform. Dissolving Coinbase Pro and mitigating its features into the Coinbase wallet will bring new integrated features to all Coinbase users, from a single wallet. Coinbase users will be able to find all the features of Coinbase Pro, along with a multitude of new Coinbase features under the platform’s advanced trade section.

Coinbase Advanced Trade

In many ways, Coinbase advanced trade – which was released earlier this year – shares many similarities with Coinbase’s soon to be discontinued product; Coinbase pro. Advanced trade offers all the same trading tools as Coinbase Pro, along with the same pricing as Pro. The major difference between the two is that users will now be able to access all of this through one unified Coinbase platform.

Advanced Trade/Pro fees

Much of the crypto community knows that the traditional Coinbase wallet is designed to be an easy product for users who are new to crypto, and Coinbase Pro is designed for seasoned traders, but there’s another difference which rests beneath the surface level: Coinbase Pro has lower fees than the entry level Coinbase wallet. Coinbase Advanced Trade however eliminates this disconnect between the two products.

Coinbase Advanced Trade and Coinbase Pro share the following taker/maker fees:

coinbase pro pricing.png

Other Coinbase Advanced Trade Features

On top of having the same functionality as Coinbase Pro, Advanced Trade offers the following features for all Coinbase users:

  • Users to earn up to 5% APY staking rewards on USDC, ETH2, DAI, ALGO ATOM, and XTZ tokens.
  • A wider range of order types, such as Market, Limit, Stop Limit, and Auction Mode.
  • The same Market pairs which are supported by Coinbase Pro, with the same liquidity.

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